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ON A WARM, cloudy day in the fall of 1999, the town of Daphne, Ala., stirred to life. The high school band came pounding down Main Street, past the post office and the library and Christ the King Church. Trumpeters in gold tasseled coats tipped their horns to the sky, heralding the arrival of teenage demigods. The star quarterback and his teammates came first in the parade, followed by the homecoming queen and her court. Behind them, on a float bearing leaders of the student government, a giddy mop haired kid tossed candy to the crowd.

Omar Hammami had every right to flash his magnetic smile. He had just been elected president of his sophomore class. He was dating a luminous blonde, one of the most sought after girls in school. He was a star in the gifted student program, with visions of becoming a surgeon. For a 15 year old, he had remarkable charisma.

Despite the name he acquired from his father, an immigrant from Syria, Hammami was every bit as Alabaman as his mother, a warm, plain spoken woman who sprinkles her conversation with blandishments like “sugar” and “darlin’.” Brought up a Southern Baptist, Omar went to Bible camp as a boy and sang “Away in a Manger” on Christmas Eve. As a teenager, his passions veered between Shakespeare and Kurt Cobain, soccer and Nintendo. In the thick of his adolescence, he was fearless, raucously funny, rebellious, contrarian. “It felt cool just to be with him,” his best friend at the time, Trey Gunter, said recently. “You knew he was going to be a leader.”

A decade later, Hammami has fulfilled that promise in the most unimaginable way. Some 8,500 miles from Alabama, on the eastern edge of Africa, he has become a key figure in one of the world’s most ruthless Islamist insurgencies. That guerrilla army, known as the Shabab, is fighting to overthrow the fragile American backed Somali government. The rebels are known for beheading political enemies, chopping off the hands of thieves and stoning women accused of adultery. With help from Al Qaeda, they have managed to turn Somalia into an ever more popular destination for jihadis from around the world.

More than 20 of those fighters have come from the United States, many of them young Somali Americans from a gritty part of Minneapolis. But it is Hammami who has put a contemporary face on the Shabab’s medieval tactics. In a recent propaganda video viewed by thousands on YouTube, he is shown leading a platoon of gun toting rebels as a soundtrack of jihadi rap plays in the background.

He is identified by his nom de guerre, Abu Mansoor Al Amriki, “the American,” and speaks to the camera with a cool, almost eerie confidence. “We’re waiting for the enemy to come,” Hammami whispers, a smile crossing his face. Later he vows, “We’re going to kill all of them.”

In the three years since Hammami made his way to Somalia, his ascent into the Shabab’s leadership has put him in a class of his own, according to United States law enforcement and intelligence officials. While other American terror suspects have drawn greater publicity, Hammami exercises a more powerful role, commanding guerrilla forces in the field, organizing attacks and plotting strategy with Qaeda operatives, the officials said. He has also emerged as something of a jihadist icon, starring in a recruitment campaign that has helped draw hundreds of foreign fighters to Somalia. “To have an American citizen that has risen to this kind of a rank in a terrorist organization we have not seen that before,” a senior American law enforcement official said earlier this month.

Not long ago, the threat of American bred terrorists seemed a distant one. Law enforcement officials theorized that Muslims in the United States by comparison with many of their European counterparts were upwardly mobile, socially integrated and therefore less susceptible to radicalization. Perhaps the greatest proof of this came with the absence of domestic terrorist attacks following 9/11, a period that has brought Europe devastating homegrown hits in Madrid and London.

America is now at a watershed. In the last year, at least two dozen men in the United States have been charged with terrorism related offenses.

These cases have sent intelligence analysts scurrying for answers. The American suspects come from different backgrounds and socioeconomic strata, but they share much in common with Europe’s militants: they tend to be highly motivated, even gifted people who were reared in the West with one foot in the Muslim world. Others may see them as rigid or zealous, but they envision themselves as deeply principled, possessing what Robert Pape, a professor at the University of Chicago, calls “an altruism gone wildly wrong.” While their religious piety varies, they are most often bonded by a politically driven anger that has deepened as America’s war against terrorism endures its ninth year.

The presence of Western troops in Afghanistan and Iraq has brought those conflicts closer for many Muslims in America. Through satellite television and the Internet, the distance between here and there between Fort Hood, Tex., and Yemen, between Daphne, Ala., and Somalia has narrowed. For Omar Hammami, the war in Iraq provided a critical spark as he turned toward militancy.

In an e mail message in December, Hammami responded to questions, submitted to him through an intermediary, about his personal evolution and political views. “We espouse the same creed and methodology of Al Qaeda,” he wrote. Of Osama bin Laden, he said, “All of us are ready and willing to obey his commands.” Did Hammami, like bin Laden, consider America a legitimate target for attack? “It’s quite obvious that I believe America is a target,” he wrote.

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is a petite 28 year old woman with silky brown hair and a graceful manner. She lives with her husband and their baby daughter in an airy house overlooking a small American city, which she asked that I not identify for their protection. The walls are decorated with Dena’s whimsical paintings, which draw inspiration from Kandinsky. Wind chimes dangle over the front porch, by a sign that reads, “Hippies use side door.”

One morning in September, she was sitting in her kitchen when she opened her laptop, logged on to Facebook and saw a message that read, “Rolling farting leotard.” Her heart began to race.

Years earlier, Dena had put a note in her little brother’s school binder, trying to crack him up. She told him to picture a fat girl in a leotard, rolling across the floor and passing gas. It had become one of their many inside jokes. Now, she realized, it was her brother’s way of reaching out from Somalia, of saying, “It’s really me.” He had created a fictitious Facebook profile, listing his alma maters as Stanford and Harvard.

“Things are pretty good,” he wrote. He and his new Somali wife (“the wifey,” he called her) had a baby girl. “Sometimes marriage is up,” he wrote. “Sometimes it’s down. The lifestyle is not exactly normal for most.”

Hammami wouldn’t say where he was, but he urged Dena not to worry about him. He was prepared to meet death, he said. “I don’t do anything too dangerous except once every month or so,” he added. “It’s all in God’s hands.”

Hammami’s life in Somalia appears to be more precarious than he let on. He spends much of his time shuttling between villages in southern Somalia, where many of the Shabab’s camps are based, according to Somali intelligence officials. In addition to his role as a military tactician, they said, Hammami helps guide the Shabab’s recruitment strategy and management of money exercising surprising power after landing in Somalia as a 22 year old rookie. The Somali government is seeking increased American aid to fight the Shabab and may have reason to play up the threat of foreigners like Hammami. But they were adamant about his role. “This guy is dangerous,” says Abdullahi Mohamed Ali, the Somali minister of national security. “He’s a threat to the region. I want him to be eliminated.”

When Hammami engages in combat, he makes an impression on other militants, said a former Shabab commander, Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi Sheikh Mohamed. “He doesn’t blink in the face of the enemy,” said Mohamed, who recalled four battles in 2008 and 2009 in which he and Hammami took part. In combat, Hammami used a sharpshooter’s rifle, firing calmly and with precision, said Mohamed, who spoke to me by telephone this month from a government compound in Mogadishu after defecting to the government’s side. Somali officials said they were keeping him there for his protection.

Until recently, the few visible images of American jihadis were of young men on the margins: John Walker Lindh, a Californian loner who wandered into Afghanistan to join the Taliban; or Adam Gadahn, now a Qaeda spokesman, who grew up home schooled on a goat farm and channeled his teenage energies into death metal music. If Omar Hammami followed his own compass, others followed him. Years later, more than one of his classmates compared him to the incongruous high school hero of the 1986 film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Hammami’s journey from a Bible Belt town in America to terrorist training camps in Somalia was pieced together from interviews with his parents, sister, best friends and law enforcement officials, as well as hours of home videos and passages from his e mail messages, journal entries and hundreds of his postings on an Internet forum. If anything has remained a constant in Hammami’s life, it is his striving for another place and purpose, which flickered in a poem he wrote when he was 12:

“My reality is a bore. I wish, I want, I need the wall to fall and the monster to let me pass, the leash to snap, the chains to break. . . .

“I’ve got a taste of glory, the ticket, but where is my train?”

DAPHNE SITS ALONG Alabama’s serene Mobile Bay, just north of the Gulf of Mexico. The town seems stopped in time. Colonial style cottages and gazebos dot the bluffs. The wide, blacktopped streets are shaded by pecan trees and Southern maples. At dusk, the tide slaps the docks as fishermen loll, casting silhouettes against a golden sky.

Shafik Hammami was searching for a quiet American town when he left Syria in 1972. He was reared in Damascus, the oldest of nine children whose father ran an import export business. Shafik wanted to study medicine and heard that small colleges in less populated parts of the United States were best suited for immigrants, “so you don’t get lost in the shuffle,” he told me recently. By chance, a translator working in Damascus handed him a brochure for Faulkner State Community College in Bay Minette, not far from Daphne. He looked no farther.

At Faulkner, Shafik, then 20, stuck close to the handful of other Middle Eastern students, part of a wave of Arab immigrants who were ushered into the United States by looser immigration laws. With wavy black hair and halting English, he stood out in a place that was historically suspicious of outsiders. One evening, while driving through nearby Mobile, he came upon a group of men wearing white cones on their heads and asking for money, his first brush with the Ku Klux Klan.

But Alabama’s conservative Christian culture agreed with him. Most of the women he encountered didn’t drink or smoke. Those were the first things he liked about Debra Hadley, a perky high school senior he met through friends. The daughter of a butcher, she had rosy cheeks and a fluttering laugh and rarely missed a Sunday service. Soon Debra and Shafik were engaged.

It did not violate Shafik’s Muslim faith to marry a Christian. Debra got her mother’s blessing after promising never to convert to Islam. They had a church wedding, followed by a Muslim ceremony in the reception hall. They each wondered if, eventually, the other might cede ground.

By the time Omar was born eight years later, his parents and sister had moved into a ranch house in Daphne, a town of 19,
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000 where cotton fields have given way to subdivisions with names like Plantation Hills. Shafik had become a civil engineer and was working at the Department of Transportation. Debra taught elementary school.

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Un valioso cuadro de Pablo Picasso sobre su compaera Marie Therese Walter, tras la cual asoma la silueta de Dora Maar, su siguiente amante, podría alcanzar una cifra astronómica en Londres el 28 de febrero.

El pintor espaol pintó “Mujer con boina y vestido de cuadros (Marie Thérse Walter)” en 1937, el mismo ao que el “Guernica”.

Se trata de un óleo de 55×46 centímetros que integrará la subasta de arte impresionista y moderno de la casa Sotheby’s en Londres. Su valor estimado está en el umbral de los 50 millones de dólares (40 millones de euros) y la identidad de su actual propietario se mantuvo confidencial.

“Es un cuadro increíblemente importante de calidad museística”, explicó este jueves a la AFP James Mackie, director del departamento de arte impresionista y moderno de Sotheby’s.

“Viene de una era clave en la carrera de Picasso, 1937, cuando realiza la gran pintura ‘Guernica'”, describiendo el horror del bombardeo alemán de la localidad vasca durante la Guerra Civil espaola. Además, el cuadro tiene una fuerte carga autobiográfica, recordó Mackie.

En él aparece en primer plano Marie Therese Walter, que “llevaba tiempo siendo su amante y musa, pero también Dora Maar, a la que conoció en 1936, el ao antes de realizar la pintura”. Maar “empieza a aparecer en esa silueta que se puede ver tras Marie Therese”, explicó.

La apertura de grandes museos en el Golfo, y el dinero de los coleccionistas de países emergentes son algunos de los factores que explican el alto precio pagado últimamente por obras maestras,
donde comprar ugg baratas Subastarán valioso Picasso en el que asoma la silueta de Dora Maar
como los 450 millones de dólares que un príncipe saudita desembolsó en noviembre por el “Salvator Mundi” de Leonardo Da Vinci, un récord mundial.

“Esperamos ciertamente que alcance un precio considerable, en línea con los logrados por obras similares”, dijo Mackie. “El mercado de obras maestras ha llegado a niveles sin precedentes, y esta obra entra en esa categoría”, sentenció.

Otros tres Picassos saldrán a subasta, entre ellos “El Matador”, valorado en 14 18 millones de libras (19,5 25 millones de dólares, 16 20 de euros).

Además, en la subasta hay dos cuadros del también espaol Salvador Dalí que habían estado hasta ahora en una familia argentina, la de la condesa Cuevas de Vera, María de las Mercedes Adela Atucha y Llavallol, casada con el noble espaol Carlos Caro y Potestad, que los adquirió directamente al pintor.

Se trata de dos pequeos óleos sobre cobre, “Gradiva” (1931) y “Casa para erotómano” (circa 1932), que constituyen “un redescubrimiento” para el mundo del arte, explicó Mackie. “Los compró una condesa argentina que pasó tiempo entre Buenos Aires y París y Europa,
donde comprar ugg baratas Subastarán valioso Picasso en el que asoma la silueta de Dora Maar
que conoció a Dalí y a Picasso y se movió en el círculo de los artistas surrealistas”.

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El Ranking Mensual de Trust Family Office es publicado en este espacio en forma mensual a fin de dar a los lectores una visión 100% independiente de quiénes son las Top 10 entidades financieras. Esta clasificación está hecha en base a datos totalmente cuantitativos y se nutren de variables claves elegidas de capitalización, liquidez, morosidad, eficiencia y rentabilidad. Nacen de los números enviados por cada entidad al Banco Central del Paraguay y publicados por el regulador en su página de internet. Recordar que durante el mes estuvimos viendo los 3 pilares fundamentales que componen este ranking mensual afectan tanto a bancos como a financieras: pilar 1. Buen manejo de la morosidad, pilar 2. Buen capital y liquidez para contingencias y pilar 3. Buena rentabilidad. Son 3 bases de ese trípode, ninguna de las patas puede estar mal para que la mesa no pierda el equilibrio. Así que cuando nos pregunten “Cuál es realmente el mejor banco o entidad?”, para mi gusto nada mejor que dar un opinión objetiva y cuantitativa. Las empresas calificadoras de riesgo sí incluyen variable cualitativas, porque es recomendable siempre mirar ambos rankings y sacar uno sus propias conclusiones.

Así como en los rankings de los top 10 en música, o los top 10 en jugadores de tenis. Muchas veces la diferencia entre el 1 y el 11 o el 15 es mínima, pero siempre hay algunos que por ley natural deben ser mejores que otras, no somos todos iguales, ni como personas, ni como atletas, ni como entidades financieras. No todos pueden ser número 1. De nuestra parte quitamos una foto como en las carreras de atletismo, para saber quiénes llegan al podio. Nosotros quitamos la foto en forma cuantitativa y con datos publicados en el sitio de internet del Banco Central del Paraguay. El BCP publica periódicamente en prensa el siguiente reporte de las entidades financieras. Son muchos números, sin embargo aquí los decodificamos para que tenga una utilidad práctica para ustedes. Los lectores que deseen ver directamente este reporte completo pueden acceder al mismo en el siguiente enlace de la web del Banco Central.

Consideramos que las variables cuantitativas utilizadas en este modelo son suficientes para realizar y ofrecer a los lectores una visión adicional de la tendencia de las entidades mejor posicionadas. Este modelo ha sido probado y utilizado con clientes desde hace varios aos y que ha pasado por varias pruebas de consistencia. A efecto de esta revisión mensual, incluimos siempre a bancos como a financieras, ya que ambas entidades son igualmente mejores o no en base a estos mismos parámetros seleccionados, los cuales son universales y sirven para darnos siempre la primera mirada. Las mejores entidades financieras serán siempre aquellas que en forma sostenida logren mantener: La mejor liquidez y el mejor capital adecuado, la menor morosidad directa, indirecta y su impacto probable en el capital, la mejor rentabilidad sobre sus activos y sobre patrimonio y la mejor eficiencia administrativa.

Importante saber que desde el punto de vista de seguridad, todas las entidades financieras de capital privado y supervisadas por el Banco Central del Paraguay están con sus depósitos garantizados por el Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos hasta 75 salarios mínimos o sea G. 147.338.025 (con el salario mínimo actual), en cada entidad financiera. Recordar que las cooperativas y las emisiones de títulos en bolsa no están sujetos a esta garantía, aunque se traten de bonos emitidos por bancos y financieras. Notar que como todo mercado, esto es muy variable, de ahí la importancia de seguir los movimientos mensuales. A continuación la lista completa de los top 10 en base a estos parámetros y a vuestra consideración.

Para mayores detalles los lectores pueden referirse a los anteriores artículos que construyeron este top 10 ranking publicado. En ambos sitios están disponibles los análisis y detalles anteriores. Al cierre de marzo la primera posición sigue para banco Itaú con excelentes calificaciones en todas sus líneas. En 2da. posición del podio tenemos a FIC SA de Finanzas, quienes pese a ser de menor tamao, se muestran con una importante solidez trasmitiendo al mercado mucha seguridad en la forma que están gestionando su crecimiento. En 3er. lugar tenemos al Banco de Fomento que con su componente de carácter público siempre otorga altos niveles de liquidez y capitalización.

Repasando los criterios generales debidamente ponderados para este ranking son: 1) Buena liquidez para atender a eventuales extracciones de depositantes, 2) Accionistas tienen bien capitalizada a la empresa para atender a imprevistos, 3) Habilitad de saber prestar, morosidad actual y morosidad probable, 4) Posibilidad de impacto de los malos préstamos sobre el capital de los dueos, 5) Capacidad para sacar buena rentabilidad a sus negocios y para sus accionistas, 6) Buen criterio e inteligencia en el gasto. Insistimos que esta es una mirada mensual adicional a la ya disponible con las empresas calificadoras de riesgo, así como a otros estudios similares de analistas conocedores del sistema financiero. De esta manera va esta información para clientes de bancos y financieras, ya sean interesados individuales, familias, empresas privadas con o sin fines de lucro, inversores institucionales y sector público. Para obtener aún más información o se puede contactar en el siguiente enlace.

El modelo fue construido en base a coeficientes de fechas de cortes mensuales, siendo por ende de carácter estático y estrictamente cuantitativo. Por ende, las mismas pueden tener variaciones. Este reporte no implica bajo ningún concepto una recomendación a invertir, desinvertir, incrementar o disminuir posición o depósitos en las entidades financieras del sistema paraguayo, mencionadas o no mencionadas en este artículo. El objetivo es proporcionar a los lectores una fuente adicional de información a las ya existentes proveídas por el Banco Central del Paraguay, calificadoras de riesgo y demás entidades y asesorías financieras.

Las mismas se construyen con información pública proporcionada por las propias entidades en carácter de declaración jurada al Banco Central del Paraguay, aún sin disponer de dictamen de auditoria externa. Este análisis no incorpora la posibilidad de daos patrimoniales relacionados a riesgos de fraudes masivos de tipo cambiario, crediticio u operacional, así como tampoco incluye los efectos positivos o adversos originados en los países sedes de entidades extranjeras, los cuales poseen otros mecanismos de monitoreo y prevención que no son abarcados en el presente análisis.

Cada semana avanzaremos en este análisis con las nuevas tendencias publicadas mensualmente. Este modelo ha sido utilizado en los últimos aos y ha resultado muy predictivo para casos de entidades que fueron absorbidas, fusionadas y que han llegado a procesos de ajustes importantes. El ejercicio mensual será siempre analizar la combinación de todas estas variables y compartirla con los lectores para su información en forma un poco más estructurada.
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interesado en conocer las ofertas sobre tarifas de m m competitivas del mercado? En ese caso, a nuestra web! Orange te ofrece una gran variedad de tarifas moviles que a buen seguro satisfar tus necesidades. Con las ofertas de Orange podr disfrutar mucho m pagando menos en tu factura. Esto se debe gracias a nuestras ofertas exclusivas. Tanto si eres cliente con tarifa Orange como si no, podr disfrutar de promociones y precios especiales aplicables en nuestras tarifas.

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Petkovic si, Petkovic no, Petkovic forse. La giornata del tifoso della Lazio corre via tra mille dubbi e nessuna certezza.

Intanto la Lazio smentisce le presunte dimissioni dell’allenatore bosniaco che, nel momento pi delicato della stagione, imbocca la strada di casa senza voltarsi indietro. La sconfitta contro l’Atalanta non ha minimamente cambiato i programmi dell’allenatore che gi prima della partita contro gli orobici aveva concesso alla squadra un giorno di riposo. Forse i dirigenti avrebbero voluto fare qualcosa di diverso, forse avrebbero voluto togliere ai giocatori il giorno di vacanza per analizzare a Formello l’ennesimo passaggio a vuoto. Forse, in vista della trasferta di Europa League a Cipro avrebbe preteso di vedere i propri stipendiati in campo. Forse tecnico e direttore sportivo hanno avuto uno scambio di vedute. Ovviamente differenti. Forse, forse, forse.

Tanti dubbi, ma un unico rischio, quello di vivere una stagione di transizione. Oggi sar il giorno decisivo, con l’incontro tra il presidente e l’allenatore. Lo spogliatoio spaccato, la vecchia guardia messa all’angolo con la new generation che avanza, ma non troppo. Ledesma e Gonzalez in soffitta, Perea, Biglia e Felipe Anderson in rampa di lancio. Ma pi che decollare, la Lazio crollata. Dopo il cambio radicale di formazione con l’inserimento dei nuovi acquisti, la Lazio ha ottenuto tre pareggi e una sconfitta.

Undici punti in classifica, sette in meno rispetto alla passata stagione quando i biancocelesti erano al terzo posto appaiati con l’Inter, a soli quattro punti dalla vetta. Oggi le lunghezze dalla capolista sono tredici, un divario incolmabile che preclude anche il primato cittadino. In meno di cinque mesi l’ambiente laziale passato dall’inebriante euforia alla depressione pi schiacciante.

Un mercato carente e mal calibrato ha acceso il malumore dei tifosi, accresciuto domenica dopo domenica dalle prestazioni deludenti della squadra. Ma la campagna acquisti stata un boomerang che all’interno dello spogliatoio, dove sono venute a mancare le poche certezze che c’erano fino a maggio. In mezzo a tutta questa situazione c’ Petkovic, gi sul punto di essere defenestrato nella passata stagione, e salvato unicamente dal gol di Lulic in finale di Coppa Italia. Ma le critiche dei dirigenti sono tornate pi pressanti che mai dopo il tonfo rimediato nella finale della Supercoppa Italiana contro la Juventus.

Il rapporto tra Petkovic e la Lazio un matrimonio che sta andando avanti per inerzia: lo scetticismo dei dirigenti prima, e di Pektovic successivo alla vittoria della coppa Italia, hanno lasciato invariata la posizione contrattuale dell’allenatore. A fine anno il tecnico bosniaco andr via, senza rimpianti. Non ne avr neanche la Lazio, che potrebbe affidare la guida tecnica all’attuale ct dell’Albania De Biasi, ormai svincolato dopo aver fallito la qualificazione ai mondiali con la nazionale delle aquile. Oppure Mihajlovic.

L’opzione Reja appare quanto meno remota, ma pur sempre percorribile. Il tecnico goriziano per salvare la Lazio su suggerimento dei giocatori pretese di allontanare il diesse Tare dallo spogliatoio gi dalla prima trasferta di Parma: riusc nella doppia impresa di salvare la Lazio, e di chiudere la porta all’albanese. Che, passo dopo passo, riusc a tornare sul ponte di comando. Ora va in scena un remake gi visto, col diesse nuovamente in rotta di collisione con l’attuale tecnico. E’ una situazione che si ripete con una certa insistenza,
como lavar las botas ugg Solo la Lazio Blog by Piojo Tutti contro tutti
il presidente Lotito dovrebbe iniziare ad analizzare anche questo aspetto.

Intanto a Formello va in scena la caccia al responsabile, col presidente Claudio Lotito che vuol vederci chiaro dopo aver speso ventotto milioni di euro. Il presidente chiede conto al diesse Tare, il direttore Tare chiede conto a Petkovic, l’allenatore Petkovic ribadisce tra le quattro mura l’inadeguatezza del mercato portato avanti dal club. Senza prendere in considerazione la polveriera che c’ nello spogliatoio.

Oggi il presidente Lotito non solo dovr in un modo o nell’altro raddrizzare la rotta, ma dovr anche fissare le basi per la prossima stagione: Klose, Hernanes, Marchetti. Il centravanti ha il contratto in scadenza a fine stagione, la Lazio non pu attendere gli umori e le decisioni dell’attaccante: se il centravanti non intende continuare la sua avventura romana, lo dica subito.

Stesso dicasi per Hernanes: la Lazio non una rampa di lancio da utilizzare per approdare al Mondiale, la Lazio dev’essere un punto di arrivo, non un punto di partenza. E’ un concetto che dovrebbe intendere anche Marchetti che inizia a dare segni di insofferenza valutando nuove possibili avventure. I dirigenti dovranno gestire al meglio questa fase di transizione, con o senza Petkovic. Con o senza Tare. Ma per il bene della Lazio.

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Si Neuf Cegetel constitue son premier client convergent ( étant sa premire référence client historique),La procédure de sauvegarde enclenchée ne remettrait pas en cause ses ambitions. comme c’est désormais le cas en France. collgue.

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I wager that many visitors come chiefly to see the building, designed by Iraq born, London based architect Zaha Hadid. He also works with these clients on a broad range of public sector issues including ballot proposals, millage issues, special assessments and utilities and other issues. He also specializes in economic development law, including work on brownfield redevelopment projects, tax increment financing projects, economic development corporation projects and the issuance of tax exempt bonds for non profit organizations and expanding businesses. ??????? 4 ???on 15 Dic 2013 at 22:17

While some show runners complain that the rules are arbitrary and amorphous, some critics argue that the and P units aren doing their jobs at all. Some of the most popular series on TV right now are also among the most violent, including Showtime CBS and new hit terrorism thriller recently drew criticism with a lengthy torture scene. Network chiefs were put on the defensive last month as reporters asked about the many serial killer shows slashing their way through prime time, including an upcoming NBC drama based on fictional murderer Hannibal Lecter. Air Jordan 6 rings Pas Cheron 11 Dic 2013 at 15:49

??Governor Christie has listened to our concerns, given us a seat at the table and worked closely with the Latino community over the past three years,?? said Mart??n P??rez, President of the LLA of New Jersey, according to the website . ??Through his leadership, New Jersey has begun to overcome problems that were years in the making. This alone improves the lives of families across the state.?? Michael Kors Factory Outleton 09 Dic 2013 at 11:01

The National Council on Aging (NCOA), UnitedHealthcare, and USA Today recently released a survey that finds seniors and boomers are upbeat about aging,
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but uncertain about the long term outlook of their health and finances. The United States of Aging Survey was conducted to examine seniors’ outlook and preparedness for aging and their perceptions of their community’s ability to meet their needs as they age.

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The basis for Jacobs cool clothing absolutely not join in the orthodox mainstream, but it is very expensive, to give the wearer the young, occult sense of luxury clothing he designed, but in short, are casual styles. Mickey Mouse shoes or spring trim jeans and jacket, Jacobs extraordinary to those despised by ordinary people for the unpopular things create fashion.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2011 Fall paragraph, the super popular this year, bright colors, hit the color

Tory Burch is a practical luxury lifestyle brand, derived from the classic American sports fashion style, full of vitality and feeling of unrestrained, fully embodies the Chief Executive Officer of Tory Burch’s personal style and spirit. Her discerning eye, the designer’s aesthetic and values achieve a balance in the market, to create a stylish and suitable for all ages women wear fashion and accessories. The brand was founded in February 2004, the date Tory Burch Reva Flats products in the United States,
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Europe and Asia 50 independent stores boutiques, the toryburch website, as well as a selection of more than 500 shopping malls and stores on sale. trend drama “Gossip Girl” (Gossip Girl).

Dior is a well known French fashion consumer brands. Dior company mainly engaged in womenswear, menswear, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, and other high end consumer goods. Menswear brand now independent for Dior menswear. Since its inception in 1946, Dior has been synonymous with gorgeous and elegant. Whether fashion, cosmetics or other products, Dior has been ranked top in the fashion hall

Stella McCartney, the love of many Hollywood and celebrity fashion, leather flash, really soft to not Arab.

Botiker bag, the bag of their home to have some really pretty good. cheap Tory Burch Wedges I also read the dorsal Angelina entertaining just bought. That sister back black, I bought a silver
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El tenista sudcoreano Hyeon Chung dio otra sorpresa en el Abierto de Australia al derrotar a Novak Djokovic por parciales de 7 6 (4), 7 5 y 7 6 (3) en partido de cuarta ronda, con lo que el serbio, n 14 del mundo, qued eliminado del primer Grand Slam del 2018.

Con el triunfo, Chung se convirti en el primer tenista sudcoreano en llegar a cuartos de final de un Grand Slam, donde enfrentar al estadunidense Tennys Sandgarden, quien se coloc entre los mejores 16 del torneo tras derrotar al austriaco Dominic Thiem, n cinco del mundo, por parciales de 6 2, 4 6, 7 6(4), 6 7(7) y 6 3.

El partido entre Chung y Sandgarden ser el primero de cuartos de final en un Grand Slam para ambos, aunque el sudcoreano y el estadunidense se vieron las caras hace apenas dos semanas en el ATP 250 de Auckland, Nueva Zelanda, con victoria para Chung por parciales de 6 3, 5 7 y 6 3.

Federer avanz a cuartos. El suizo Roger Federer,
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n dos del mundo de la Asociaci de Tenistas Profesionales (ATP), clasific a los cuartos de final del Abierto de Australia, tras imponerse al h Marton Fucsovics, 80 del mundo, por parciales de 6 4, 7 6(3) y 6 2.

Federer administr su esfuerzo e hizo valer su experiencia para llegar a cuartos de final por d cuarta ocasi en su carrera, instancia en la que enfrentar al checo Thomas Berdych, a quien ha derrotado en 19 de sus 25 enfrentamientos.

Simona Halep sigue con vida. En la rama femenil, la rumana Simona Halep, n uno de la WTA, enfrentar a la checa Karolina Pliskova en la ronda de cuartos de final del Abierto de Australia.

Halep, quien llega a cuartos de final del Abierto de Australia por tercera ocasi en su carrera, derrot este lunes a la japonesa Naomi Osaka por marcador de 6 3 y 6 2 en un partido que se disput en una hora y 19 minutos.

Por su parte, Karolina Pliskova, n seis de la WTA, llega a este partido tras un sufrido triunfo ante su compatriota Barbora Strycova, a quien super con parciales de 6 7 (5),
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6 3 y 6 2.

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Everybody knew 2009 would be a difficult year, especially since all companies expected to feel the effects of the global recession that started in 2008. And predictions came true. The Colombian economy grew 0.4 per cent in 2009, the lowest number in the last decade but, understanding the dimension of the crisis that rocked the planet, the country was well off. It could have been worse.

In a situation of falling demand, trembling trust from the consumers and uncertainty for the future of the global economy, Colombian companies held their own. However, it was difficult to grow due to the slowdown of the economy, which in turn had a negative impact on sales. 34 of the 100 biggest Colombian companies felt a decrease in their operational incomes when compared to 2008.

Few companies were able to escape the hurricane that shook the planet’s economy. Ecopetrol, Colombia’s biggest company, felt a blow in all its indicators. Sales were down 10 per cent while net profits decreased 56 per cent. The lower prices of oil around the world and the contraction in the world economy had a negative effect on their results, just like they did on the performance of other oil companies that operate in Colombia and that are also part of this ranking: BP, ExxonMobil, Petrobras and Occidental.

The Colombian enterprises felt the heat in other aspects as well: a fall in consumption, a decrease in exports and a pause in long term investments.

Even though it was a difficult year in which the companies struggled to maintain their sales, control their expenses and prevent a fall in their profits, some companies did their best and were able to weather the storm. In SEMANA’s ranking, very interesting movements, due to strategic decisions, can be observed. Two companies stand out: Colinversiones moved from spot 121 to 23 mainly because they decided to focus on the energy business. Pacific Rubiales also deserved an honorable mention: it is the first time it makes the list and it landed at number 38. Not bad for a newcomer. This oil company is here to stay: its share has had an outstanding behavior in the market and nobody doubts that this company will continue climbing the ladder in the years to come.

In this 2009’s ranking, EPM placed second and pushed Almacenes xito into the third spot. Nacional de Chocolates and Bavaria gained two spots each. A snapshot of the ranking could be summarized in few words: the companies with the biggest assets are Ecopetrol, EPM, Inversiones Argos, ISA, and Bavaria.

It is worth mentioning that this ranking does not include SaludCoop, an enterprise that ranked 18 in 2008, because it did not share its financial information this year.

In a tight economical year, employment was the greatest victim. Many companies were forced to downsize in order to reduce their costs. Luckily, this was not the case for Colombia. Some companies even decided to hire new staff. Among those who employ the biggest number of people, and who decided to keep the same number of people or hire more there are companies like Grupo Nacional de Chocolates, Almacenes xito, EPM, Postobón, Cementos Argos, Olímpica, Carrefour, Colsubsidio, Fabricato Tejicóndor y Cafam.

For the present year, prospects are good and expectation is high. The worst part of the financial crisis has already passed. Trust is returning to Colombia and the rest of the world, but it is not yet time to celebrate. This year’s GDP growth projections stand at 2.5 and 3.0 per cent indicate recovery will be slow.
ugg azules Top 100 Companies in Colombia

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Tras la venta accionaria de Angulo Inversora, Tarjeta Naranja se fusionará con Tarjeta Nevada, según comunicaron ayer estas empresas a la Comisión Nacional de Valores. Así las cosas, la tarjeta desarrollada por el reconocido empresario José Pedro Angulo, quien murió el mes pasado, pasará a la sociedad Tarjeta Naranja, aunque manteniendo su identidad, beneficios y promociones.

No obstante, las dos tarjetas, Naranja y Nevada, seguirán manteniendo su identidad, beneficios y promociones de sus clientes.

Los números del negocio

Si bien no trascendió la suma por la que se realizó la transacción, lo cierto es que Nevada cuenta con 800.000 mil tarjetas habilitadas, 564.844 resúmenes emitidos, 45.000 comercios, 52 centros de atención a clientes y 30 millones de operaciones anuales, apoyadas en tecnología de punta.

La empresa tiene 52 centros de atención en todo el país estratégicamente ubicados en Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis, La Rioja, Catamarca, La Pampa, Neuquén, Tucumán, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero, Río Negro, Salta, Chaco, Corrientes y Formosa y más de 44.000 Comercios Amigos adheridos al sistema.

Cabe destacar que Tarjeta Nevada ya era parte del Grupo Financiero Galicia, del cual la empresa forma parte junto a Banco Galicia, Tarjeta Naranja, Galicia Seguros y Efectivo Sí, entre otros. En junio colocó $500 millones de pesos en obligaciones negociables, en dos tramos.

El primero a 24 meses y el segundo a 48 meses, con un total de 128 millones con pago de intereses trimestrales; a una tasa piso para primer trimestre 25%, luego tasa Badlar + 3.05%. El segundo a 48 meses, un total de 372 millones a una tasa piso los 2 primeros trimestres 25%, luego tasa Badlar + 3,70%, recibiendo ofertas que llegaron a casi 800 millones.

En tanto, Tarjeta Naranja nació en Córdoba en 1985, como la tarjeta que identificaba a las cuentas corrientes de la casa de deportes “Salto 96”, fundada por dos profesores de Educación Física, David Ruda y Gerardo Asrin. Por la fuerza de su color, la gente le puso nombre: Naranja.
ugg comprar online Tarjeta Nevada se fusiona con Tarjeta Naranja