ugg azules Top 100 Companies in Colombia

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Everybody knew 2009 would be a difficult year, especially since all companies expected to feel the effects of the global recession that started in 2008. And predictions came true. The Colombian economy grew 0.4 per cent in 2009, the lowest number in the last decade but, understanding the dimension of the crisis that rocked the planet, the country was well off. It could have been worse.

In a situation of falling demand, trembling trust from the consumers and uncertainty for the future of the global economy, Colombian companies held their own. However, it was difficult to grow due to the slowdown of the economy, which in turn had a negative impact on sales. 34 of the 100 biggest Colombian companies felt a decrease in their operational incomes when compared to 2008.

Few companies were able to escape the hurricane that shook the planet’s economy. Ecopetrol, Colombia’s biggest company, felt a blow in all its indicators. Sales were down 10 per cent while net profits decreased 56 per cent. The lower prices of oil around the world and the contraction in the world economy had a negative effect on their results, just like they did on the performance of other oil companies that operate in Colombia and that are also part of this ranking: BP, ExxonMobil, Petrobras and Occidental.

The Colombian enterprises felt the heat in other aspects as well: a fall in consumption, a decrease in exports and a pause in long term investments.

Even though it was a difficult year in which the companies struggled to maintain their sales, control their expenses and prevent a fall in their profits, some companies did their best and were able to weather the storm. In SEMANA’s ranking, very interesting movements, due to strategic decisions, can be observed. Two companies stand out: Colinversiones moved from spot 121 to 23 mainly because they decided to focus on the energy business. Pacific Rubiales also deserved an honorable mention: it is the first time it makes the list and it landed at number 38. Not bad for a newcomer. This oil company is here to stay: its share has had an outstanding behavior in the market and nobody doubts that this company will continue climbing the ladder in the years to come.

In this 2009’s ranking, EPM placed second and pushed Almacenes xito into the third spot. Nacional de Chocolates and Bavaria gained two spots each. A snapshot of the ranking could be summarized in few words: the companies with the biggest assets are Ecopetrol, EPM, Inversiones Argos, ISA, and Bavaria.

It is worth mentioning that this ranking does not include SaludCoop, an enterprise that ranked 18 in 2008, because it did not share its financial information this year.

In a tight economical year, employment was the greatest victim. Many companies were forced to downsize in order to reduce their costs. Luckily, this was not the case for Colombia. Some companies even decided to hire new staff. Among those who employ the biggest number of people, and who decided to keep the same number of people or hire more there are companies like Grupo Nacional de Chocolates, Almacenes xito, EPM, Postobón, Cementos Argos, Olímpica, Carrefour, Colsubsidio, Fabricato Tejicóndor y Cafam.

For the present year, prospects are good and expectation is high. The worst part of the financial crisis has already passed. Trust is returning to Colombia and the rest of the world, but it is not yet time to celebrate. This year’s GDP growth projections stand at 2.5 and 3.0 per cent indicate recovery will be slow.
ugg azules Top 100 Companies in Colombia

ugg azules made golf cool and became a cultural icon by transcending the game

botas uggs baratas made golf cool and became a cultural icon by transcending the game

How Tiger Woods, in his heyday, made golf cool by transcending itplay

Tiger calls ’97 Masters win the ‘most significant’ he’s ever had (0:58)In a conversation with Scott Van Pelt, Tiger Woods explains why winning the Masters in 1997 was so crucial to his career. Then, too, there was that name Tiger and the fact he looked different than all the other golfers he was beating so regularly.

Whatever it was, Tiger Woods has been as much a cultural comet in professional golf as a victorious one. Open in 2008, Woods drew mores eyes to him and his sport than any other golfer ever. In his prime, Woods turned tournaments into must watch events, even for those who’d never teed up a golf ball.

He was compelling, a perfect blend of talent and charisma suited for a growing American diversity and the digital age. TV ratings, galleries and prize money all increased significantly. People had to watch. Woods dragged golf a sport most Americans have never played into the Land of Cool.

“Tiger embodied a kind of modern cool that golf hadn’t seen before,” said Orin Starn, a professor of cultural anthropology at Duke University. AP Photo/Peter CosgroveAmong professional athletes for most of the early 2000s, Woods ranked with basketball icon Michael Jordan at the top of the Q Score, which rates popularity and marketing appeal. In 2008, Forbes ranked Woods No. 2 on its annual Celebrity 100 list, based on fame and money. Only Oprah Winfrey was higher.

Plus, he was making cultural as well as sports history. In 1997 at just 21, he stormed to a win at the Masters, shooting a record score and living up to years of hype. That it came at Augusta National, where African Americans hadn’t been allowed to play until 1975, put him in a special place. The attention just kept coming, with 13 other major victories including four straight and 79 total wins on tour. So to have this charismatic, young African American Asian American hybrid figure bursting onto the scene made huge news.”

Rick Schloss, the former longtime media director of the annual PGA Tour event at Torrey Pines in San Diego, recalled how the galleries swelled when Woods came to the tour, attracting a younger element interested in one thing: Tiger.

“They’d go there to watch him,” Schloss said. “They don’t know what else is going on. They’ve got their Ugg boots on, the hats on backwards, they’ve got a craft beer, and they know he’s cool.”

In 2001, after he won four straight majors, Americans polled by Gallup named him as the nation’s No. 1 athlete. His favorability rating was on a par with the likes of Jordan, John Glenn, Colin Powell and Pope John Paul II.

Yet Woods slipped from that perch in 2009, when his off the course life turned upside down with a personal scandal that led to divorce. He took a leave from golf for several months. He lost sponsorships. When he returned, he wasn’t the same. His smile, swing and putting stroke were diminished.

His last tour win came in 2013, and he failed to reach the weekend at his only two starts in 2017, missing the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open in late January and withdrawing due to injury from a European Tour event after one round in Dubai a week later. He hasn’t played since.

Prior to that, Woods missed nearly a year and a half because of a back injury, although he did play the Hero World Challenge, an unofficial PGA Tour event that he hosts, in December.

Woods was still in high school when he made his PGA Tour debut as a 16 year old amateur at the 1992 Los Angeles Open. He missed the cut. AP Photo/Bob GalbraithIn his absence, golf’s attendance and TV ratings suffered.

Now 41, Woods has skipped three 2017 tournaments (the Genesis Open, Honda Classic and Arnold Palmer Invitational) that he typically plays each year, and his next move remains unknown. He even WD’d from a news conference prior to the Genesis Open, which is run by the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Woods hasn’t given up hope of making what would surely be a dramatic return at next week’s Masters. Starn, for one, is looking forward to seeing Woods back inside the ropes.

Said Starn: “There’s always interest in a comeback story in America.”

TIGER’S CELEBRITY PRECEDED HIM to the PGA Tour. Amateurs). He and other celebrities from the sports and entertainment world were like magnets, attracting one another. He lived in a different, more star studded world than golf’s other top players.

Woods appeared on the sidelines at NFL and basketball games. He played golf with Jordan, Charles Barkley and Tony Romo. He hung with Mark Cuban, Michael Phelps, Jon Bon Jovi, Sting and Will Ferrell. Each year, the Tiger Jam fundraiser for his Tiger Woods Foundation in Las Vegas delivered the celebs. It all brought more attention to golf and the tournaments he played.

Chris Zimmerman, the former director of advertising for Nike and then the company’s general manager for golf, was there when Woods turned pro and signed a $40 million sponsorship deal with the company. From the outset, he said, those around Woods were intent on making him more than just the best golfer of his generation.

Nike grew its golf equipment business around Woods’ persona. The company didn’t even make clubs or balls until Woods was signed as a spokesman. Getty Images”From day one, they had interest in what Tiger could be as an athlete, but also as a brand,” said Zimmerman, now the president and CEO of business operations for the St. Louis Blues. “That’s a tall order for a 21 year old coming out of a few years at Stanford. But he had been on a path toward greatness from an early age, and certainly both his dad and the people around him, they were very clear that they believed Tiger Woods could be a great brand, much in the same way that Michael Jordan had been.”

The first Nike TV commercials in 1996 to introduce Woods to viewers were “Hello, World” and “I am Tiger Woods.” Each told stories. The first was about his commitment to golf and his road to the tour. The second, his roots and connection to a new, diverse generation. Zimmerman says the intent was never to make Tiger cool above the rest but to show his respect for the game and help Nike launch its golf equipment business.

When Woods’ style and personality meshed with his wins and the acceptance of Nike’s products, the ad campaign helped catapult him into the Jordan realm.
ugg azules made golf cool and became a cultural icon by transcending the game

ugg azules Alboraya disuelve la Entidad de Port Saplaya y deja en el aire la continuidad de los servicios

ugg online baratas Alboraya disuelve la Entidad de Port Saplaya y deja en el aire la continuidad de los servicios

Carpetazo a la Entidad de Conservaci de Port Saplaya. El Ayuntamiento de Alboraya aprob ayer, tal y como ya avanz LAS PROVINCIAS, la disoluci de este organismo de preservaci y dio por finalizado un proceso que se hab venido dilatando desde el a 2001, cuando la obra terminada de este distrito del litoral se entreg al Ejecutivo.

El cierre, aprobado con 15 votos a favor (PSPV, Comprom y Ciudadanos), 4 en contra del PP y la abstenci de EU, deja en la incertidumbre la continuidad de los servicios que hasta ahora ven prestando el ente, tal y como se diferentes grupos de la oposici y los defensores de su continuidad en el barrio, que hab presentado m de 600 alegaciones.

El organismo, que se encargaba del mantenimiento de un pararrayos,
ugg azules Alboraya disuelve la Entidad de Port Saplaya y deja en el aire la continuidad de los servicios
una antena com una piscina, y velaba adem por el buen estado general de la urbanizaci inicia desde hoy los tr de extinci a la espera de que sean los vecinos que residen en las cerca de 2.000 viviendas los que coordinen la continuidad de estas actuaciones.

Varias fueron las formaciones pol que advirtieron del de abandono en el que puede quedar sumida esta zona del municipio y lamentaron que el proceso de extinci se haya llevado a cabo con un gran malestar vecinal.

Desde Ciudadanos se demand al Consistorio que, una vez desaparecida la Entidad, el Ayuntamiento se comprometa a abrir la oficina de atenci vecinal todos los d que ponga en funcionamiento el centro c y se someta a m limpieza y mantenimiento el emplazamiento. Tambi el grupo popular record que antes de que el PSPV comenzar a gobernar, la zona estaba m cuidada, hab m servicio de vigilancia y las dependencias municipales ten un horario m amplio.

La teniente de alcalde en el Ayuntamiento de Alboraya, Ana Bru, ya avanz a este peri que se contempla por el momento aumentar la presencia del Consistorio en Port Saplaya En esta l subray que han aumentado los servicios en los a e invit a que los vecinos uso del servicio online L Verde para trasmitir las quejas que pueda haber

De acuerdo con el informe del t del Ayuntamiento, tanto la antena como el pararrayos deber pasar a gestionarse mediante una administraci de fincas. De la misma manera, se apuesta por ceder la gesti y el uso de la zona de ba a los propios vecinos y que solo aquellos que quieran utilizar voluntariamente la piscina, sufraguen su mantenimiento.
ugg azules Alboraya disuelve la Entidad de Port Saplaya y deja en el aire la continuidad de los servicios